Why is there a need for a Plus Size Women's wear brand?

The term plus size has become a lot more popular in India in the last few years. And, finally plus size has become a label that we stick on ourselves without any shame or guilt. Now this is a great thing because we are at last accepting our bodies as they are. But when it comes to shopping for clothes, it’s another story altogether.

 The influence of fashion industry
The fashion industry has always been dominated by skinny models who are tall and very thin in size. They are portrayed as the ideal women in all forms of media which reinforces this idea that only skinny women can be beautiful or sexy. This stereotype has led to many women struggling with their self-esteem issues because they think they don’t measure up to these unrealistic standards set by society.

 The impact on the younger generation today is even more harsh because they grow up believing these unrealistic body standards.

The lack of shopping options for curvy women
Another problem that leads to a discrimination between curvy and skinny people is the lack of proper fitting clothes. It has become even more prominent when we talk about plus size women who are generally ignored when it comes to their fashion choices and instead expected to wear baggy clothes that hide their bodies completely.

 Plus size women's clothing in India
In India, the plus size womenswear industry is just starting to take off. There are a few brands offering stylish options for women with curves, but there is a long way to go before this section grows truly diverse.

 Plus size women's clothing in India is still largely limited to boxy tunics and unflattering leggings. There are very few brands that cater exclusively to plus size women, and most mainstream brands usually don't offer anything beyond size XL. In fact, we feel most Indian designers still don't understand how different body types can be from each other.

They usually design one collection for all sizes and then alter it according to the measurements of each model on the runway. This means that if you're above a size 38 or 40 (UK), you're pretty much out of luck when it comes to finding something that fits your body type properly.

 Why do we need real Plus Size Brands in India?
We believe that curvy women should be able to express themselves through their clothing without compromising on comfort or design.

 That's where we come in! Curvy Clan has created an exclusive clothing line of chic yet comfortable designs specially tailored for real women with real bodies.

 Curvy Clan - We think Plus-Size
Our collection features styles that are perfect for every occasion whether you are heading out for a night out with friends or spending time with your loved ones.

 Curvy Clan offers a wide variety of clothing options for curvy women to choose from, all designed keeping in mind the needs of curvy women like you.

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